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Green Tea - Benefits


Studies have demonstrated that green tea and green tea extracts could reduce body weight within two months. The study also found that green tea could significantly decrease total cholesterol levels along with lowering the hunger hormone.

After about 12 weeks those taking EGCG lost about 3 pounds and reduced their waist circumference by about an inch. Regarding dosing, one might look for a capsule of green tea extract of about 330 mg of which 45 percent is EGCG. If two capsules are taken 30 minutes after each meal (three times a day), this would then be close to the 900 mg of EGCG per day, slightly more than the 856.8 mg in the recent study.

EGCG stands for Epigallocatechin gallate which is a potent antioxidant. EGCG may protect against cancer, help alertness and cognition along with aiding in weight loss. There is reason to believe that EGCG might play a role in reducing the risk of metabolic syndrome, a grouping of disorders that contribute to obesity and cardiovascular issues. EGCG also seems to help the liver break down and process fats.

Drinking green tea will not magically make you lose weight, but incorporating green tea regularly into a balanced program of healthy diet and exercise may well prove beneficial for overall health.

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