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Traveling With Essential Oils

Traveling With Essential Oils

Traveling With Essential Oils

Bringing Essential Oils On An Airplane

Going on an airplane ride is not always fun. Getting the tickets can be costly, squeezing yourself through a crowded airport can be tiring and making sure you do not forget anything can be stressful.

Getting through this kind of trial would be especially awful if you forget your essential oils.

They can help you keep calm when the world is on fire. But with so many regulations related to flying, you may be wondering, “Could I even bring my oils.”

TSA Regulations and Essential Oils The answer is “Yes.” You can bring essential oils on a plane as long as it is within the 3-1-1 TSA rule. This means you can take up to six 15ml, nine 10ml roll-ons, or eighteen 5ml bottles in a quart size baggie with your carry on luggage. We also recommend making sure the oils have their original label for reference. Luckily, oils will maintain their potency, and are perfectly safe to be x-rayed.

Aside from TSA regulations, it is important to be conscientious of everyone else. Other people can be sensitive to certain smells, so I usually use personal inhalers or roll-ons when I am on the plane.

What is an inhaler?

A personal inhaler is a small plastic or metal tube with a cotton wick inside. This is a great option for traveling. It is mess free, you can make it ahead of time, and it won’t bother anyone else around you.

To create your own personal inhaler: ⦁ Take out the cotton wick ⦁ Add 1-3 drops of essential oils ⦁ Reassemble, and you’re set to go!

Another easy way is to add 1-3 drops to a scarf, cotton ball, or on the collar of your coat.

How To Make A Roll-on Making your own roll-on is an incredibly simple task. It works perfectly for long travels, and using

your oils on the go. A good rule of thumb is to follow a dilution chart when creating your roll-on.

You are going to want to add the essential oils first in accordance to the dilution chart. After adding

your essential oils, add enough carrier oil to hit the neck of the bottle. Then simply add back in the

roller ball insert and press down firmly until it snaps into place. Shake a few times to ensure that the oils are properly mixed with the carrier oil. If you need help choosing a carrier oil, this is a great place to start.

A Few Must Have Oils For Traveling:

Peppermint ⦁ This oil is amazing when you are feeling less productive and need an energy boost.

It is also well known for the way it kicks motion sickness to the curb.

Grapefruit ⦁ The bright, clean scent promotes balance from everyday mental fatigue while aiding

sharp mental function. I commonly refer to Grapefruit as my “happy” oil.

Immune Strength ⦁ Immune Strength Essential Oil Blend is great for purifying the air. I like to use it with

Fractionated Coconut Oil as a hand sanitizer. The best way to use this one on the go is in

a personal inhaler.

Peace & Quiet ⦁ Peace and Quiet Essential Oil Blend has a warm, delicious lemony-vanilla aroma. It’s

reminiscent of lemon sugar cookies.This blend brings my zen back when I am feeling


Ginger ⦁ This oil’s sharp woody scent helps when you feel like you are having travel sickness.

I like to combine this with Grapefruit in my personal inhaler. Ginger is also great for

improving concentration.

Lavender ⦁ The holy grail of oils. Lavender is commonly known for its calming effects. It is great

to use prior to bedtime for a restful night’s sleep. I also adore its soothing skin abilities.

From small boo-boos, overworked muscles, and after-sun care, this is my go to

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