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Six Tips For Picking The Right CBD Oil


Six Tips For Picking The Right CBD Oil

We understand that there are a lot of options when it comes to picking any kind of CBD product, and it can seem a little overwhelming — especially if you are new to CBD. If you’ve decided that CBD oil is right for you, it is important that you find a CBD oil that is pure and will provide you with the results you are looking for.

To help you feel confident in deciding just which CBD oil to use, we’ve made a list of six things you need to look for in order to pick a good CBD oil:

Hemp Grown in Europe, Canada, or the USA

Because CBD oil is extracted from hemp plants, it is important that the hemp from which your oil comes is grown in a safe, natural environment. Hemp is a hyperaccumulator, which means that it easily absorbs compounds and minerals from the soil around it. While it is good that hemp absorbs the minerals, water, and vitamins from the soil, it can also absorb chemicals and adulterants if it is grown on a farm that uses pesticides, herbicides, or growth stimulators.

If your oil’s hemp plants absorb harmful substances, there is a good chance that those substances area also in your oil. Hemp farms are common around the globe, but in the United States, Europe, and Canada, hemp farmers must follow strict regulations as to what they can and cannot use to grow their crops. By finding a CBD oil that comes from hemp grown in the US, Europe, or Canada, you can be confident that your oil will more likely be pure and free of chemicals.

0.3% THC or Lower

Whether you are concerned about the THC level in your oil or not, it is important that you are mindful of just how much THC is in your CBD oil. Why? Because there is a limit as to how much THC you can legally have in your CBD oil. In order to legally purchase and use CBD oil, it must contain 0.3% THC or less.

CBD oil that contains 0.3% or less of THC will not create a psychoactive effect like marijuana products. If you are worried about experiencing any sort of “high” from CBD products, make sure it contains 0.3% THC or less. That miniscule amount of THC will not cause any “high” effects.

CBD Oil Made Via CO2 Extraction

When it comes to extracting oils from plants, there are a lot of different options, such as steam and cold-pressed extraction. However, it is important to note that not every form of extraction is created equal. Some extraction methods are better for certain plants, and some are just better all-around. When it comes to CBD oil, you should find one that was extracted via CO2 extraction.

CO2 extraction is gentle and uses a combination of low temperatures, high pressure, and carbon dioxide to remove the natural oils from the hemp plants. CO2 also helps preserve the oil’s purity during the extraction process, so your bottle of CBD oil is as pure as it can be.

Some companies like to cut corners, and while this may save them a few buck, it can be detrimental to you. Cheaper or improper forms of extraction often involve harsh solvents, including butane, hexane, or propane, and all of these are harmful to the human body, or even illegal! Such ingredients should never be in your CBD oil.

Third-Party Tested

It is always important to know that your CBD oil has been tested for purity, but did you know that the source of testing can make a huge difference? Many companies are capable of and prefer to do in-house testing. While these tests may provide accurate results, it’s important to note that in-house testing is not as reliable. Why? Because companies can pick and choose which tests they perform, and there is no outside source saying that the test results are in fact true to what they say.

By testing CBD oil through a third-party certified lab, a company is sticking its neck out for you. That’s because third-party labs often perform a wider range of tests, looking for a greater number of adulterants or chemicals that may be in the oil. If the oil is impure in any way, the lab can find it and won’t be afraid to post the results. In fact, third-party test results are public record, so you never have to just take a company’s word on how pure they say their oil is. If you’re looking for a good CBD oil, make sure you pick one that has been third-party tested and shows results for its purity.

A Transparent Company

As we mentioned about testing and extraction, some companies like to cut corners or withhold information in order to make their products seem better. When it comes to purchasing CBD oil, though, it is absolutely essential that you find an oil that is pure, safe, and legal for you to use. And that means that you need to get your CBD oil from a company that is completely transparent.

What do we mean by transparent? Well, some signs of a good, transparent company include providing easily accessible third-party test results for each product, listing contact information that takes you to a real person instead of a machine, and clearly listing where their hemp is sourced from.

Another huge indicator of a transparent company is one that does not make claims about how their CBD oil can “cure” you. The FDA has strict regulations on what a company can and cannot say in regards to what certain products can do, especially if those products are still undergoing testing, like CBD. Until the FDA changes their regulations, companies cannot make claims about what CBD can “treat” or “cure”. If a company is making such claims, it is a big sign that maybe the company is willing to break rules in other areas, too.

The Cost Of Your CBD Oil

Typically when you want something to work better or last longer, you’re willing to put in a few extra bucks for the quality. The same goes for CBD oil. If you want a good CBD oil that will give you the results you want, you’re going to have to end up putting in a few more bucks. Why? Because it is not a cheap process to make CBD oil, especially if a company makes it right and provides truly pure CBD oil.

Growing organic, chemical-free hemp takes more time and involves more tedious work. Extracting CBD via CO2 extraction costs more, and it costs more to have a third-party test your oil. If a company goes through all of these steps, odds are that their CBD oil is going to be a little more expensive to purchase. But, in the grand scheme of things, paying a little extra for your CBD oil is worth knowing that you are getting a pure, safe, effective, legal, and high-quality product.



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